Frequently Asked Questions


New Matchbase Platform

When we launch the new app you will receive an E-mail that will ask you to set a new password. With that you are all set. You might however have to create a new subscription. Learn more about that in the points below.

Your subscription will be canceled and we will ask you to create a new subscription once we restart. With our new app we are also releasing a new payment system that will allow you to much easier pause / upgrade and downgrade your running subscription.

Of course we will reimburse you in case of any unwanted payments in this transition period.

First of all: You are a true hero. Customer support will contact you for further instructions. If you already want to take action yourself you can cancel your current subscription here. We will then ask you to create a new subscription once we restart.

With our new app we are also releasing a new payment system that will allow you to much easier pause / upgrade and downgrade your running subscription.

Of course we will reimburse you in case of any unwanted payments in this transition period.

You will certainly understand, that despite the fact that we truly love you – That’s something we can’t do. ​

With the relaunch of our platform we also integrated a new payment provider. It’s taken us a little longer to integrate PayPal in the smooth way we imagined it to be. But relax: PayPal payments will be back soon. 

Attending a Session

Just click on the session which fits you the best (via > All Sessions) and click on the “attend now” button.

Our sessions always start on time! So just be at the venue 15 minutes before kick-off. This way you can check in, change your clothes, get acquainted and warm up with the other players in a relaxed and unstressed way.

It’s super easy! Just bring your sports shorts and shirt, as well as football shoes suitable for the surface. Most of the sessions take place on modern artificial turf pitches. Shoes with cleats or studs are allowed here. In indoor sessions with a PVC surface you need indoor shoes with a bright-coloured sole.


You can cancel your session up until 5-12 hours before the kick-off by changing your RSVP Status to “not attending” in the session info.

To guarantee the best possible Matchbase experience for all of our users short notice cancellations are subject to a penalty: the loss of your session.

If you can’t make it to a session, please cancel up to 5 hours before the start of an outdoor and 12 hours of an indoor session.

At Matchbase all sessions take place! In some rare cases, however, certain events (e.g. extremely bad weather, too many short-term cancellations of individual players) may result in a cancellation of the session. In this case you will get notified via mail at least 5 hours before the session would have taken place. We try to prevent this as much as possible and in the past we were able to run 100% of our announced sessions.

If your desired session if full, you can enter the session’s waitlist. Just click on “Join Waitlist” on the respective session’s page. You will then get notified via mail once a spot opens up. It’s first come, first serve.

At the Session

At every session your Director will start with a nice 15 min warmup into the session. The warmup is about running and stretching and to prevent unnecessary injuries. You can do it at your speed and the director is always there for helping you out.

Every level is welcome at our sessions! Should a session be for beginners or advanced, this will be explicitly communicated beforehand.

No shows without any cancellation or contact before kick-off will be punished. Life can be crazy sometimes and  sh** can happen once, but we reserve the right to exclude players who do not show up more than 2 times from the service.

My Membership & Payment

The free trial always lasts for 14 days for every new user.

You can play up to 2 sessions for free during the free trial period.

Yes, you can directly jump into your full membership by skipping your free-trial period. For example after you have already played your free-trial sessions in the first days. Just go to (> My Membership) in the app and click on “skip free-trial”. 

Our promise is to make playing football as easy as possible. We don’t want to bother you again to enter your data if you liked your sessions within your free trial. If you didn’t like our service you can cancel anytime!

You can play between 2 and unlimited sessions per month depending on the plan you have selected. We calculate the month based on the day you started your subscription. 

In the Small plan you can attend 2x p. month, in Casual plan 5x p. month, in Pro plan 8x p. month and in Unlimited plan you can attend unlimited sessions p. month.

You can pay your plan via PayPal or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard & American Express) or ApplePay.

You can cancel your subscription by clicking on “Cancel Subscription” in the membership section (via > My Membership). Your plan will be set to non-renewing and will end in the end of your current membership period.

After selecting a membership plan you can enter the code in the last step before checkout by clicking on “Have a Coupon?” during the sign-up process.

Yes! When you upgrade your plan the billing month starts from the day of your upgrade. All unplayed sessions of the previous month will be transferred into your new month.
For example, you played 3 of the 5 sessions of your Casual Plan and you realize Casual is not enough for you and decide to change to „Pro“. The two missed out games will be transferred into your new first month of the Pro Plan, which means you get to play 10 games instead of 8 for this month. 

Yes! Other than at the upgrade, the downgrade happens at the end of your billing month, regardless of the date of your change. This way you lose no sessions if you still have some open to play.
For example, you are in “Casual” and know that you will be on vacation for 2 weeks during your next billing month and only have time for 2 sessions then. You can do the downgrade to “Small” at any time without losing the sessions of your Casual Plan. The downgrade happens when your month is up.

Starting from November 2021 you can pause your subscription. Our pause feature is super user friendly.
You can pause your plan for 2, 4 or 6 weeks and up to three times per year. If you need to pause for longer, please reach out to us via mail.
Your pause starts starts the day you activate it. Once you want to resume playing, you can just reactivate your plan and you continue the billing month you’ve started before. That means, you don’t have extra costs and won’t lose a single session.

In order to play on some pitches, we make our users members of traditional local football clubs. Our partners. To do so we need your birthday. This brings no additional payments and your data is secure at all times. Also we will make sure to cancel your membership at the football club if you decide to end your Matchbase membership.

1. Cancel your Membership (via > My Membership)

2. Write an Email with “Delete my profile: Name“ to 

Any other questions or feedback? Contact us!