Frequently Asked Questions


Attending a Session

Just click on the session which fits you the best (via > All Sessions) and click on the “attend” button.

Our sessions always start on time! So just be at the venue 15 minutes before kick-off. This way you can check in, change your clothes, get acquainted and warm up with the other players in a relaxed and unstressed way.

It’s super easy! Just bring your sports shorts and shirt, as well as football shoes suitable for the surface. Most of the sessions take place on modern artificial turf pitches. Shoes with cleats or studs are allowed here. In indoor sessions with a PVC surface you need indoor shoes with a bright-coloured sole.

You can cancel your session up until 5 hours before the kick-off by changing your RSVP Status to “not attending” in the session info.

At Matchbase all session take place! In some rare cases, however, certain events (e.g. extremely bad weather, too many short-term cancellations of individual players) may result in a cancellation of the session. In this case the director of the particular session will inform you via Email / SMS (phone) 5 hours before the session would have taken place. We try to prevent this as much as possible and in the past we were able to run 100% of our announced sessions.

My Account & Payment

The free trial always lasts for 14 days for every new user.

Our promise is to make playing football as easy as possible. We don’t want to bother you again to enter your data if you liked your sessions within your free trial. If you didn’t like our service you can cancel anytime!

You can play up to 2 sessions for free during the free trial period.

When logged in (via > Login)  cancel your subscription by clicking on “Cancel” in the membership section (via > MyProfile).

After selecting a membership plan you can enter the code in the last step before checkout by clicking on “Have a Coupon?” during the sign-up process.

1. Cancel your Membership (via > MyProfile)

2. Write an Email with “Delete my profile: Name“ to 

At the Session

No shows without any cancellation or contact before kick-off will be punished. Life can be crazy sometimes and  sh** can happen once, but we reserve the right to exclude players who do not show up more than 2 times from the service.

Any other questions or feedback? Contact us!