Everything you need to know before your first time on the pitch with us

You'll feel welcome the second you step on the pitch

From warmup to the first goal - our sessions are designed for you to have fun and to get better every time you stand on the pitch.

We don't only talk about Matchbase family. The moment you play with us, you are part of it!

After Session Picture at Tiergarten

This is how we roll

Arrive 15 mins before your session

Arrive relaxed and get changed. Your Director will check you in, answer any questions and make you familiar with the other players

Pro-Warmup before every session

Inspired by the pros we designed a special warmup program in order to get you fired up and well protected against injuries.

Maximum fun for everyone

Our Directors are excellent players with great oversight. They will balance the teams so that everybody gets most out of the game. Goalkeepers change every 5 minutes on the Directors call.

Most and formost: Fairness is king. Rude people are not tolerated.

All the gear you'll need

Just bring your sports shorts and shirt, football shoes suitable for the surface and a bottle of water.

Most of the sessions take place on modern artificial turf pitches.

Shoes with cleats or studs are allowed here. In indoor sessions with a PVC surface you need indoor shoes with a bright-colored sole.

After your session

After the time is up, we're leaving the pitch together. Our Directors are always happy about some helping hands in the end of the session for putting together the training equipment and the goals.

All pitches have showers and locker rooms available and some even have a clubhouse for a beer with your fellow players afterwards. Enjoy the time, get to know each other.


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