Meet our Directors

The best or nothing
Our directors are dedicated to the best game in the world. 

At every session you will meet a director which is a proven football lover, organizing everything, making sure that everyone has fun and no one gets hurt. He will lead you through your session starting with a warmup, putting the teams together and take care of a balanced & fair game. If you have any questions or concerns our directors will help you out. 

Wanna play unlimited football for free & join our crew?

Enjoy flexibility and opportunities to grow

Start with as little as running 1 session per week! Follow our director education path to become a Head Director, Roll-Out Coach or even join our administrative team in Berlin

Your additional perks as a Matchbase director:

Unlimited Football

Use the best equipment

Including brand new football boots + Director shirt & jacket in your size​

A smart fitness tracker

New football boots

Brand new gear for you